Thursday, February 2, 2012

Painted Bird Houses

One of the fun parts about being a crafter is occasionally you can contribute your art to a worthy cause.  Recently the Alabama Wildlife Center obtained some wooden bird houses to use as donation boxes.  So my beloved hubby brought them home and asked me to paint them.  Since my painting skills leave much to be desired it was an interesting project.  First I had to get out my bird book and decide which birds had simple enough plumage I might be able to copy.  And decide on a theme.
The bottom bird is supposed to be the famous "angry bluebird", he is soooo cute, my rendition is not so much.  The lock is because it is a donation box so need to be able to secure it.

For weird reasons even though I rotated and saved my osprey photo it won't do that, computers are soooo odd.  I painted a total of three, using stencils on the other two. 

I forgot to take photos of those, oh well.  If you need an interesting donation box idea bird boxes are a fun way to go.  So get out there and contribute a craft, it's fun and makes ya feel good.

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