Saturday, January 28, 2012

Adventures in welding

My beloved Hubby has found his calling, it is welding.  For some reason he really enjoys this.  He is in construction and real estate and with the downturn of the market times are hard.  So he ended up welding some air conditioning cages for a friend.  We have issues with copper thieves here. 

In addition to HVAC cages he enjoys creating items for the yard. We have Alabama Wildlife Center which hosts and event called "Wild About Chocolate".  So much chocolate, so little time.  Part of the event is charity auction, this year the hubby himself will be auctioned off to offer one day of "handyperson" services to the lucky winner.  Last year we donated an arbor:

So now Robin Construction offers iron work and I know more about welding than I ever thought I would. Yep I'm pretty much pushing up web presence with this blog post but you know, those coppper thieves are every where.  I think the next welding project I will ask for is bench for the yard, I keep asking for items and then he goes and sells them.  Such was the fate of my bottle tree.

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