Sunday, June 24, 2012

Blessing Dolls

Recently a friend of mine and her partner had a bouncing baby boy.  She asked that I do a blessing for them so I decided to create some blessing dolls.  1st you have to have a pattern.  I picked a Russian doll type pattern for felt I found on line at Dragon & Phoenix.  This is a site about a Mom with twins and she made hers into a tooth fairy pillow so this pattern fits many uses.

Print the parts of the pattern you like and expand/contract to the sizes you need.  Using the pattern cut out the felt.  I had some leftover felt from when I made my owlements.  My friend is a big Alabama fan so her doll is in red and white.  I cut the faces and the holes in the hair wrap the same size with my cuttlebug, next time I will cut the face part larger so it sits better behind the hair portion.

For the blessing packet that goes in each doll I gathered herbs relevant to what I wished for each person.  Cunningham's Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs was my resource.  I pulled a rune thinking of each person and re-created that rune with felt.  I then surfed the wonderful Internet for blessing poems, I can't write poetry so I had to go surfing.  Printed each poem real smalled and rolled them into little scrolls. The blessing items were placed in scrap of silk and sewn into a pouch.

I then added the decorations to the dolls with fabric paint and iron on flowers.  My sewing skills aren't all that great but you can add embroidered embellishments if you are more accomplished in that area.  You can also sew runes or other symbols on the dolls if you so desire.

Once they are ready sew the backs on, stuff with fiberfill, add the blessing pouch while praying to your deity.  And they are now ready to be gifted.  One happy littly doll family.

Children's Five Fold Kiss

Blessed be your eyes, that you may see clearly.
Blessed be your ears, that you may hear with compassion.
Blessed be your lips, that you might speak the truth.
Blessed be your hands, that you might help others.
And Blessed be your feet that you might
walk the path of Beauty and Spirit all the days of your life

Monday, June 18, 2012

Maleficent Marathon Set

Maleficent Marathon Set

I plan to do the Disney Princess Half Marathon in 2013, assuming I can afford the trip.  I'm not much of a princess person so I designed a Maleficent set, she is my favorite villain.  I would put my hair in pigtails with black/purple wrapping at the base to mimic the horns.  Must be comfortable for 13+ miles. So we shall see how my training goes.  I completed a half marathon in 2011 and 2010.  Need to find one for this year, maybe Chattanooga's bridges run.  So time to start packing on the miles and get myself in gear.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Where have all the fantasy books gone

A couple of years ago I found  A lovely site that allows me to track the many books I read.  Over the past two years I have read around 100 books each year.  I am a bit of an addict when it comes to reading.  The problem I have had lately is I love fantasy books.  And by fantasy I mean wizards, magic, and evil sorcerer's.  When I query for fantasy all I get are Paranormal Romance and Young Adult.  They didn't even have young adult fantasy when I was that age.  Now I love a good PR just like everyone else (just finished Lover Reborn) but I can't live off candy alone.  I need MEAT.  So to all you fantasy novelist out there keep writing the hearty stuff.  I truly appreciate it.