Sunday, October 13, 2013

I have a wheel!!!!

Recently I acquired a pottery wheel.  Yea me.  And now I am trying to learn to use it.  Metal working hubby made me a special stool to use with it.  I took a wheel class to learn the basics of centering.  The whole thing is to slow down and work with the clay, not against it.  Still working hard on centering.  So I made my 1st batch and posted a photo on tumblr.  Comments were to have better bases, since it's my 1st batch I was happy.

So now I am merrily attempting to throw stuff and turn it into something more interesting than a basic bowl.  Gotta get the basics down 1st before I can move on to so now need to practice. My new practice piece will be Chawan Tea Bowls so it will be fun to see how those will turn out.  I figure it will help me develop a bowl and learn to trim etc.
 I used a thrown bowl as the base for these little fairy houses.
Also I started pinning craft ideas onto my Pinterest boards so that seems to be a better place to put ideas like that.  You can now also find me on Facebook