Saturday, February 25, 2012

What to do with old books

I recently did some serious cleaning in my library so I had to a purge of books.  Books I've purchased, read, and probably won't read again.  Now what to do with them is the question.

  • Sell the books. 
    • Places like Amazon,  and  Half (an ebay company) will provide you a way to list your books but they do take a commission when sold.
    • The good ol' garage sale.  Next time your neighborhood has one join the fun and get rid of those books and get some folding money.
    • Used book stores.  Many towns have a small used book store that will take books and give you store credit or actual cash.
  • Donate the books.
    • Your local library.  Libraries have book sales to raise money and it is always good to support your local library.
    • Homeless shelters.  Reading is a great way to escape the harshness of life and is a healthier addiction than drugs or alcohol.
    • Goodwill, Women's Shelters, and Prison systems also appreciate the books that can be resold to provide funds for their good works.

  • Online swaps. 
    • The Internet is great source for finding others who have books you would like to read and who would enjoy reading your books.  Most of these sites link you to others and you simply pay the media shipping rate.
  • Crafts.  Upcycling is always good.  If you google upcyled books and query the images you can find some great ideas.
    • Create an invisible bookshelf.  Use a large old hardback book as the shelf.
    • Recycled book purse.  Craftingagreenworld has a good tutorial on turning a hardback book into a purse.
    • Use old printed pages and print graphic art onto them.  You can find some wonderful examples on Etsy.
    • Use the printed pages cut into strips and create paper mache art.

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