Saturday, September 14, 2013

Leaf crafts while ya got them

The leaves are falling, get them quick.  What to do before all the leaves are gone.

Leaf printed table cloth: You will need leaves (of course), cheap paper tablecloth from dollar store, brushes, and acrylic paint. 
Paint the backs of the leaves where the veins are raised, turn over and stamp allllll over the cloth.  Let dry and have a special cloth made by the kids.  You can also use fabric paint on a cloth table covering for a permanent hand crafted idea.

Googly Eye Leaf Stick: Supplies - Wooden ice cream spoon (alternatively a popsicle stick would do); Silk fall leaves or Collect real leaves; White craft glue; Crayons or paints; Googly eyes.
Color or paint the wooden spoon (or popsicle stick). Glue leaf to the stick (if you use real leaves coat them with glue and let them dry before gluing to the stick) Add eyes to leaf by applying to small dots of glue, allow to dry completely.
(source: FreeKidsCraft)

Leaf bowl
Supplies - air dry clay or polymer clay, paint, leaves from the yard (of course), brushes.
What to do - roll out your clay to about 1/4 inch.  Old wooden rolling pin works great for this.  Press
leaf into clay with veins down to get best imprint.  Using a needle, clay tool, or unbent paperclip cut out around the edges.  Line a small bowl with plastic wrap, then press clay leaf down into bowl.  Let dry. For polymer clay once set bake in oven as usual.  Once baked or dried paint the colors you think it should be.  You now have a small leaf bowl.

Great places to look for crafts are or course ye ol Pinterest.  Love that site.

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