Monday, March 25, 2013



It's that time of year again. Time to get out the eggs and start decorating. Ok, so I'm a little late and you have probably already done your eggs but what the heck, thought I would share some cute ideas that are a bit above the ol' just dip'n'dye method. So here are some nice sites with tutorials for some different eggs.

Leaf print eggs - for these eggs you simply press a design to the egg, like a leaf of possibly a cut-out, wrap in panty hose and dye. The covered area will remain white and leave a pattern.
Doodle eggs - you can dye the egg and then draw patterns on them with a magic marker. Create some nice primitive designs.
Embroidery floss eggs - you have seen the neat spheres on Pinterest that are twine over a balloon. This is just a smaller egg-shaped version. They make a very nice hanging decoration.

MOD-PODGE - of COURSE you can cover the eggs in everything from glitter to pieces of fabric. This site has a listing of many ideas.
making-a-faux-faberge-eggUkranian Eggs - these are the detailed eggs that use a combination of wax and dye. This site includes a brief tutorial to understand the concept. You can then make your eggs as detailed or simple as you like. Personally if I ever find the time I would really like to try this out.
Faberge Eggs - A little glue + all the nifty cool stuff at craft stores and you can make your own egg fit for a Czar.
So get out there and have some fun making eggs that are a bit off the beaten path.

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