Saturday, September 1, 2012

More fun with ceramics

Well I've been having fun with cookie cutters and ceramics.  My best friends son recently did a tour on a NOAA ship tagging sharks, right during shark week too.  So I had a shark cookie cutter and was making ornaments for Gryphonwyck on Etsy and made some ornaments for them.
They turned out ok.  The octopus is kinda wonky looking though.  So I also made some druid charms, a few more Cthuluments, and some Auburn ornaments for friends.  Now if only stuff would sell so I could justify making more, agghh.

I am continuing to train for my half marathon.  So far still only doing about 3 miles cause it is hot as heck around here and I refuse to run at 6 am.  Not a morning person.  But Halloween is coming up and the costume stores will open soon so I can put together my outfit and as it gets cooler I can run longer. 

Off to do house work and I will leave with a big WAR EAGLE since my orange cat posed on a blue rug today:

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