Saturday, August 18, 2012


Ah the joys of Lovecraft, and what could be better on your tree than some Cthulument.  I do like the way Lovecraft has created the Cthulu mythos that has spread to so much of our lives.  Most recent spotting for me was of course Warehouse 13 episode with the tentacle monster.  So I decided I needed some ornaments for my tree with a Cthulu theme.
I took ye old angel cookie cutter, since he does have wings, and created my ceramic lovelies.  I did not particularly care for how the Jade Moss glaze flowed, the two on the bottom.  The blue gray stoneware did a bit better with black in the accent areas.  I think I will try again and create some with arms and use a green glaze next.  Of course while photographing my creations for etsy I did receive some help from my cat.

Gotta love the critters.  Currently it is thundering so one of my dogs is cowering under the desk.
So don't forget to celebrate the holidays with the Elder Gods, or they might eat you. For sale at my Etsy shop Gryphonwyck

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