Sunday, December 30, 2012

Taurus Feltie

DSCN0041Once upon a time back in the dark ages when we were children we made gifts for the parents. Then we got older and bought gifts. As time marched on we realized our parents have everything already so are back to the making of gifts. So this year I made a Taurus feltie for my Dad. I used the pattern from Zodiac Felties.

DSCN0042I scanned the pattern page and then enlarge to get a decent size. This pattern was very simple so it didn't take me long to cut out the felt and lay out the pieces for sewing. A simple overhand stitch I can do. The pattern has ribbons on the horns but I went with the simple fabric paint. You could have lots of fun with pattern on the horns. I use gromments and some copper wire to make the nose with rings. Safety Eyes were inserted for some quick and easy eyes that did not involve me embroidering detail. Not my favorite thing. So after waiting on the fabric paint to dry all was put together and I had a loverly little feltie to give to my Dad. Makes ya feel young again.
Taurus Feltie
So wander the web for wonderful felt crafts ideas and have fun.

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